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It’s Dry Out There

It has been nearly four months since the area has recorded significant rainfall.
Kerry Siders, Texas AgriLife  Integrated Pest Management Agent says the area has a pretty bleak history over the past four months when it comes to rainfall.
“We have not had greater than a quarter inch rain for the past 112 days,” he said last Friday afternoon. As of Wednesday, the count is now 117 days. “In fact, we only measured  3/100ths of an inch in January and a couple of trace events.  Basically, we received 3/100ths of an inch of moisture. In December, we basically had zero inches and just five trace events. A trace is less than a hundredth of an inch.” 
Siders, who maintains the official weather statistics for Levelland, says that in November, Levelland  received 7/100ths of an inch of rain recorded on Nov. 1and November 8. 
He goes back to the first two weeks of October, when two rainfall events produced a total of 
.58 inches of rainfall.
“In reality, you have to go back to the last week of Sept. 24-30 when we recorded 2.2 inches of rain over those six days,” he says. 

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