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Regents vote to raise fees for students attending satellite campuses

The South Plains College Board of Regents voted unanimously Thursday to raise the instructional fee for students who choose to attend a satellite campus by $10 per hour.

That raise alone would generate $560,090 in additional revenue for the college.

President Robin Satterwhite presented the motion as a way to incentivize students to attend the Levelland campus.

“It makes the decision harder to go to one of those campuses of convenience,” Satterwhite said.

The regents also voted to raise the out-of-district and non-resident tuition by $5 and the internet fee by $5.

The increases, overall, will generate approximately $1.46 million for the college based on last year’s enrollment.

Satterwhite clarified that the increase in the internet fee would not affect dual-credit students since their tuition is waived. Nor would the increase for out-of-district tuition because all dual credit courses are considered Levelland.

The president indicated that he hopes by being able to generate more money by the increase in tuition and fees, for students not attending the Levelland campus, the regents will be able to take some of the burden off the taxpayers in the future.

“Ultimately, we will see how we can tick down our tax rate a little,” Satterwhite said. “It won’t happen overnight, and may not happen this year, but if you want to know my long term plan, it’s that we need to start working towards decreasing our reliance on tax revenues.”

Satterwhite also reiterated that students who attend the Levelland campus will not be affected by rate increases.

“Those students who choose to come to Levelland, you’re golden,” Satterwhite said. “If you choose to go to a campus of convenience, it will cost you a little bit more.”

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