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DI team going to globals

The Destination Imagination team, ‘Not Really,’ will advance to the globals competition after competing at the state competition this past weekend.

Levellland Destination Imagination excelled at the State Destination Imagination Competition Saturday, April 7, at Mansfield Timberview High School with one team advancing to the global competition.

Five teams competed with 25 team members, ages 13 to 18. 

The LHS Improv group, “Not Really,” will advance to the Global Finals Competition, which will be held May 23-26 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

‘Levelland Destination Imagination is providing our students with the opportunity to learn communication, engineering, improvisational, and logical reasoning skills that will assist them in their futures. I am proud of our district for avidly supporting this great program for more than 14 years.’ explained Merribeth Gregory, LISD DI Coordinator. ‘We have DI alumni who are working on associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees at University of Texas, University of Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas Tech, the United States Naval Academy, South Plains College, and Texas A&M and routinely acknowledge the impact that DI had on their ability to be successful.’ 

‘Since the regional tournament, the team members enhanced their solutions to their challenges and performed beautifully,’ said Debra Burnett, LISD DI Coordinator. ‘DI competitions have two parts, the main challenge, which they prepare for months, and the dreaded instant challenge, which requires the students to find a solution to a random problem in less than seven minutes. Instant Challenge is either a sink or swim environment, and you never know how your kids are going to respond.’ 

The Levelland DI High School Improv team placed fourth in the State DI Competition. LHS’s Improv team, “Not Really,” was coached by Merribeth Gregory and Debra Burnett.  The team member were: Joel White, Grady Edens, Charlie Conner, Brooke Lamb, Britton Davis, and Kalgarie Oaks. 

‘The High School Improv team was thrown a curve ball on the Monday before the competition when one student could not perform on Saturday due an injury sustained at a golf tournament,’ explained Mrs. Gregory. ‘The team was used to performing with six and had to adjust in less than a week to only having five performers. When the judges handed the improvisational elements of Jacques Costeau, Yuri Gagarin, Dutch Clogs, and a garbage truck to our students, I knew they were going to do an amazing job and they did. They love an audience to perform for and the theater was full.’

‘After finishing the main challenge, the Improv team had to make it through one more stage, the dreaded instant challenge and they did it with flying colors,’ explained Debra Burnett. ‘When they finished their instant challenge, I knew we were going to Globals.’ 

LIS’s Improv team, “Cool Whipped,” was coached by Sandy Billington and Debra Burnett and did not advance to Globals, but humored their audience with their slap-stick funny jokes. The team members were: Brian Billington, Jaylyn Holmes, Georgia McMahan, Alexius Quezada, and Trinity Wafer.

LMS’s Improv team, “Golden Chicks,” was coached by Rebecca Thomman and Debra Burnett but did not advance to Globals. The group of three had multiple roles to play within the skit and did an awesome job. The team members were Laynee Newberry, Chloe Contantino, and Laci White, reported Mrs. Gregory.

The high school engineering team, “Naughty List,” was coached by Monica Price and Merribeth Gregory but did not advance to the Global Finals Competition. The team created a skit about a new Santa and built a moveable sleigh and an inflatable snow globe.  

The high school community service project, “Picked Last,” was coached by Kay Jackson and Merribeth Gregory. The project focused on restoring the park at the Eternal Flame mosaic but did not advance to Globals. Team members were: Cadie Cross, Abrya Herrera, Makayla Johnson, and Mikenzi Johnson.

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