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SPC honors fallen officers at memorial

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South Plains College hosted the Peace Officer Memorial at the entrance to SPC.

The memorial honored fallen officers in the line of duty. The honored guests at the memorial were family members of Jason Fann, a former Yoakum County deputy who was killed in the line of duty Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Fann graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy at SPC in 2016. He served as a deputy sheriff for the Yoakum County Sheriff’s Department, fire marshal for the Plains Fire Department and was also a reserve police officer for the Seagraves Police Department.

Jacob Scivally, a student of the SPC Law Enforcement Technology program, presented Fann’s widow, Katy, with a plaque in memory and honor of Fann’s service.

Levelland Police Chief Albert Garcia addressed the audience.

“As a police officer, our job is to bring order and justice into a world filled with chaos and turmoil,” Garcia said. “It is our job to be the protectors, the disciplinarians, the educators, the counselors, the motivators, the investigators and from time to time, the code enforcement and animal control officers. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week; we never shut down.”

Garcia said officers need to maintain a heart of servitude to their community, families, and above all, to God.

“I have often said there are two kinds of police officers, those who want to be officers and those who are chosen by God,” Garcia said. “We are not just working for the city or state, we are actually working for Him.”

However, Garcia said that serving the people of the community is more than putting on the uniform and showing up to work.

“It’s a way of life,” Garcia said.

He said some days officers have bad days, just like everyone else. They are sometimes treated as nuisances instead of the protectors they want to be.

“There will be days when you will have the most challenging days and you feel that you just can’t take one more complaint or one more traumatic event,” Garcia said. “Then you go home to your family…don’t forget about your servant’s heart.”

Garcia said he was honored and humbled to meet the family of the fallen deputy, Jason Fann.

“I would like to tell the family of Deputy Fann that he is still a member of our law enforcement family and he still protects the thin blue line every day and every night,” Garcia said. “When those who knew him go out on patrol, they know he is their silent partner and continues to patrol with them as one of God’s servants.”

The memorial went on to honor and remember officers who have fallen in the line of duty during 2017. Those included:

Police Officer Kenneth Malcom Copeland, San Marcos Police Department, End of Watch: December 4, 2017;

Trooper Damon Charles Allen, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Highway Patrol, End of Watch: November 23, 2017;

Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez, United States Department of Homeland Security, customs and border, End of Watch: November 19, 2017;

Senior Trooper Thomas Patrick Nipper, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Highway Patrol, End of Watch: November 4, 2017;

Police Officer Floyd East, Jr., Texas Tech University Police Department, End of Watch: October 9, 2017;

Police Officer Elias Martinez, Jr., Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department, End of Watch: September 17, 2017;

Deputy Constable Mark Gregory Diebold, Tarrant County Constable’s Office, Precinct 5, End of Watch: September 7, 2017;

Sergeant Steve Albert Perez, Houston Police Department, End of Watch: August 27, 2017;

Corporal Monty D. Platt, West Texas A&M University Police Department, End of Watch: August 8, 2017;

Detective Elise Ann Ybarra, Abilene Police Department, End of Watch August 6, 2017;

Deputy Sheriff Jason Matthew Fann, Yoakum County Sheriff’s Office, End of Watch: August 5, 2017;

Police Officer Miguel Moreno, San Antonio Police Department, End of Watch: June 30, 2017;

Border Patrol Agent Isaac Morales, United States Department of Homeland Security, customs and border, End of Watch: May 24, 2017;

Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Francis Greenwood, Harris County Constable, Precinct 3, End of Watch: April 3, 2017; and

Detective Jerry Ronald Walker, Little Elm Police Department, End of Watch: January 17, 2017.

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