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Police investigating second break-in at Atchison’s Jewelry

Owners at Atchison’s Jewelry swept glass Wednesday morning after the second reported break-in at the business in less than a week. (Staff Photo)

Levelland police are investigating a second break-in at Atchison’s Jewelry in downtown Levelland.

An officer discovered the store had been burglarized at approximately 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. All other officers also responded and cleared the store before allowing the owners to enter.

After making sure the burglar was not still inside the store, it was found that a display case had been broken inside the store and an undetermined amount of merchandise was taken.

Police reported it appeared the suspect used a kettlebell weight to shatter the front door of the store before crawling inside and using the same weight to break the display case.

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Levelland Police Department arrived and recovered evidence and processed the scene. 

Friday morning around 6 a.m., owners of the jewelry store reported the store had been burglarized after the alarm system was triggered from glass breakage.

In that incident, it was found that a brick was used to break safety glass at the front of the building. The suspect, or suspects, took an undetermined amount of jewelry from the display case in the front of the store at that time.

Anyone with any information on either burglary is urged to contact the Levelland Police Department by calling 894-6164.

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