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City hosts public forum Thursday for restrictive parking in Holly Heights

The city council for the City of Levelland will host a public forum Thursday, January 31, at 6 p.m. in the commons at Levelland High School regarding parking in the Holly Heights addition.

The city wants to invite all residents and concerned citizens to attend the public forum to hear the city’s plan to restrict parking in the neighborhood.

Citizens and residents are invited to express their opinions, for or against the measures, to prevent high school students from parking in front of residents’ homes in the Holly Heights addition.

Some of the issues brought before the city council regarding parking in the Holly Heights addition, specifically during school hours, is blocked driveways and obstructing driver and pedestrian vision.

At the public forum, city staff, along with school administrators, will present a proposed ordinance that would restrict parking on city streets in the area, if adopted.

Any questions regarding the parking issue in this area, prior to the meeting, can be directed to Erik Rejino, city manager, or Joe Cavazos, assistant city manager, by calling 894-0113.

The city first began addressing the possibility of an ordinance to restrict parking in the Holly Heights addition at the December 17 city council meeting.

At that time, Robby Phillips, principal at the high school, said he had received various complaints regarding student parking in the Holly Heights addition instead of using the high school parking lot.

Rejino said, at the December meeting, it’s difficult for the school to require students to park in the parking lot because it is not illegal for students to park on city streets.

At the January 7 city council meeting, Albert Garcia, Levelland police chief, said he wanted city staff to talk with administrators at Levelland ISD again before adopting an ordinance.

At the January meeting, the city council reviewed an ordinance that would restrict parking on every street between Alamo and Flint Avenue between certain hours of the day.

Garcia said he was worried about “stirring up the nest” and making residents angry when they get a ticket for parking on the street in front of their own homes.

That was a hot topic at the December meeting when council members were considering whether or not to move forward with developing an ordinance to restrict parking.

The idea of a parking permit was discussed, so residents would be distinguished from non-residents. 

Rejino pointed out that a permit system might be harder to enforce since anyone visiting a resident in the Holly Heights addition wouldn’t have a permit sticker.

City staff suggested the times for restricted parking be limited to times between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to give residents time to get to work while still restricting students who wouldn’t be able to move their car before the restrictive parking time began.

After Chief Garcia brought up concerns regarding implementing an ordinance that would inconvenience residents, Joe Bill Vardeman, city council member for District D, suggested the city host a public forum for the residents of the neighborhood to attend and voice their concerns.

He also suggested the public forum be held at the high school commons so residents wouldn’t have to even drive to attend the public forum.

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