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Terrale Tempo comes home for championship bout

Photo Courtesy of Terrale Tempo

By Kati Moody
News Editor

Terrale Tempo wants Levelland to make some noise as he comes home to bring the smack down and win the Texas Wrestling Championship this weekend at the Mallet Event Center.

Terrale Tempo is the stage name for Temperance Childers, a former Levelland Lobo, who since leaving Levelland has gone on to become a successful Texas pro-wrestler.

Tempo is excited to be coming home this weekend and even more excited to pack the Mallet Event Center for the show of a lifetime.

“I’m excited about it, Levelland has always been very supportive,” Tempo said. “They always want to and try to make it out to my shows.”

This is Tempo’s first time to perform in his hometown since his career as a wrestler has taken off. The closest he has performed prior to now is in Amarillo and Abilene.

“We had a lot of people come out to the show in Abilene, about 40 people came out to show their support,” Tempo said.

He says he often hears people asking when he’s coming home and when they can see him perform in Levelland.

“A lot of people always ask when I’m coming home, but Texas is very big from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin, it’s a good six to seven hour drive from Levelland,” Tempo said.

He performs all across the region and state, most recently Tempo competed in Louisiana.

There will be at least 14 wrestlers competing at the Mallet this weekend, three one-on-one matches, a tag-team match with four individual wrestlers, and the main event, Tempo vs. Max Castellanos for the state championship title.

“It’s action-packed and everyone can expect to see a wild show,” Tempo said. “They’ll be amazed and even see a little comedy. It’s just fun, family entertainment with a lot of action and athleticism, as well.”

Tempo has dreamed of this day since he was a child. He has always been passionate about wrestling and wanted to be a wrestler himself.

“I have always wanted to do it,” Tempo said. “It was just something I always knew I wanted to do. I was drawn to it and never lost my passion for it.”

When he was about 14 years old, Tempo said he really started to pursue his future as a pro-wrestler.

“I had been looking at schools and places to go train since I was 14,” Tempo said.

He said his favorite part about wrestling was always the storytelling and athleticism.

“I figured, why not try it, the only way you’re going to be happy is if you try to do what you’re truly passionate about,” Tempo said.

He said this weekend’s show is something that he has been wanting to do for a long time.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Tempo said. “I wanted to do this a while back but you know, things happen, that’s life. But, it finally came up and we are finally able to do it.”

Tempo said some of the wrestlers who will be at the Mallet this weekend are names that will be well known, very soon.

“These people are making a name for themselves and there’s a lot of potential there,” Tempo said. “A couple of guys on this card you’re going to see on TV in the near future.”

After five years in the ring, Tempo said his favorite part is seeing the looks on the fans, and especially kids, faces.

“The atmosphere just amazes me,” Tempo said. “The energy people can give off as a crowd, and seeing kids faces. It’s like going back in time and remembering how you reacted when you were younger and now they’re getting that same feeling. It takes me back and remembering how I felt seeing something that larger than life, and in your face, and now the role is reversed.”

Tempo plans to continue growing and pursuing his wrestling career until he is on top.

“I just want to keep moving forward and hopefully one day be at the highest level you can be,” Tempo said. “I’m not content, but I’m definitely proud of where I’m at and happy.”

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the expo hall at the Mallet Event Center. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at They cost $20 for front row seats, $10 for adult general admission and $7 for children under 12 years old.

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