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Rescue workers respond to Lobo Lake

Emergency personnel responded to Lobo Lake Wednesday afternoon in regards to reports of a child who had fallen in the lake. (Staff Photo)

According to preliminary reports, Levelland firefighters, police and EMS personnel responded to Lobo Lake around 2 p.m. Wednesday in regards to reports of a small child who was drowning in the lake. Upon their arrival, first responders found the child had been pulled from the lake and an individual on scene was performing CPR.

Levelland Police Chief Albert Garcia released more information on the rescue at Lobo Lake this afternoon. Garcia said the child, who is around 2-years-old, was playing at the park when he wandered off. Garcia said a guardian found the child in the lake, and attempted to pull him from the water.

Garcia said two parks employees were also on the lake, one on a boat in the middle of the lake and another on the other side of the lake. Garcia said the city employees responded immediately to the location to assist in pulling the child from the water and both employees performed CPR on the child until paramedics arrived.

The child was transported to the hospital and the child’s status is not known at this time.

Garcia said he believes the city employees played a ‘direct role’ in the child’s survival.

‘My general opinion is that they had a direct role in saving this child,’ Garcia said. ‘If it were not for their quick response, the child might not have been able to have the chance he has right now.’

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