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City to begin enforcing sign ordinance Dec. 1

Mayor Barbra Pinner goes around removing temporary signs along College Avenue, Monday. The city will begin enforcing the sign ordinance on Dec. 1.

The City of Levelland will begin enforcing its new sign ordinance beginning December 1. The sign ordinance addresses temporary signs that are placed in the public right of way, such as on utility and light poles along city streets; and dilapidated signs, or signs that are in bad enough condition to pose a threat to public health and safety.

The most commonly seen sign that is addressed in the sign ordinance are temporary signs, which are commonly seen along major roadways in Levelland, such as College Avenue, Sherman Avenue, and Houston Street.

Enforcement has already begun regarding dilapidated signs, but enforcement for the temporary signs is set to begin December 1. Those who are not in compliance could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and assessed a fine.

“Any signs you want to put up on a utility pole, that’s considered a temporary sign, those are prohibited now,” said Mayor Barbra Pinner. “As of December 1, code enforcement is going to begin enforcing that…We are still seeing lots of temporary signs around town. They can’t be stuck in the ground in any kind of public right of way. It is a misdemeanor and you will get a fine for it and will have to go before the judge.”

Pinner said the Keep Levelland Beautiful committee began the process of updating the sign ordinance almost two years ago. The committee hopes this ordinance will help to improve the appearance along some of the busiest streets in Levelland.

“It will clean up our city, with social media there is no need to have temporary signs hanging around town,” Pinner said.

Pinner said the committee wanted to develop a sign ordinance that would have better guidelines for what signs could be allowed and provide some enforcement for temporary signs. The main goal, though, was to clean up Levelland.

“When you drive down College Avenue and see all the dilapidated signs, different signs, different kind of signs, and there was really nothing in our ordinance that described how big or where a sign could be, there wasn’t a lot of information in the ordinance,” Pinner said. “When you look down College Avenue and see all the poles and all the junk it looks awful. If we can clean some of that up…it is going to make the city look better.”

For more information, contact code enforcement at city hall by calling 894-0113.

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