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Walter Earl Moeller

There are many qualities that make a man stand out in a crowd.
Walter Earl Moeller had many of those qualities and the most obvious was his stature. 
The average man or woman found themselves craning their neck to look at Walt’s face. His six-foot, six-inch height was imposing for some and a bit unnerving for others. 
This was especially true of the rookie Air Force recruits under his command or a new boyfriend knocking on the door to pick up his daughter, Vicki. 
A son, Mark, had the perfect view from his daddy’s shoulders. Grandsons and great- grandchildren also benefitted from the strong arms that lifted them into the higher than normal air. 
But daddy would always gladly bow down to his five-foot nothing wife, Leta, for a sweet kiss. 
Sundays would find him on the back row of the choir at church with mom on the front row. 
Other than the strong love he had for his God and his family was his love for his St. Louis Cardinals. 
Walt was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 16, 1931, to parents, Louis and Neona Moeller. 
Walt and his brothers and sister grew up in several towns in Missouri until he enlisted in the Air Force. 
His love for the Air Force and jet planes extended for 20 years. After his return from Vietnam, he retired from the Air Force. 
Several jobs later found him as part owner of Levelland Kawasaki. 
His final retirement came on his 78th birthday and he and mom spent their time enjoying grandsons, Jonathan, Nathan and Ryan. 
In 2014, the Moellers moved to Houston to await the first of three great-grandchildren, Emerson, Kinley and Bryson.
Daddy and Mom were married 63 years when he reached down one last time to give her a kiss. 
On February 8th, daddy closed his baby blue eyes one last time and the next time he opened them, he was safe in Jesus’ arms.
He will be buried next to momma at the Houston National Cemetery. Services are pending.
The family asks that in lieu of flowers that donations can be made to the Airforce Aide Society at

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  1. Betty Salazar on December 8, 2020 at 1:12 am

    I’m not sure if this gentleman was my Sargent. Was he a teacher at Lubbock high school?

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