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Today is last day to vote in primary

Today, Tuesday, March 3, is election day in the Republican and Democratic primary elections and the last day for voters to cast ballots.

The places to vote on election day in the Republican primary in Hockley County include:

–Precinct 11: Ridgecrest Missionary Methodist Church, located at 801 S. Alamo Road in Levelland;

–Precinct 14: Ropesville City Hall, located at 107 Hockley Main in Ropesville;

–Precinct 15: Gary Cain Insurance, located at 3392 S. State Road 168 in Smyer;

–Precinct 16: Christ United Methodist Church, located at 1704 College Avenue in Levelland;

–Precinct 21: Mallet Event Center, located at 2320 S. State Highway 385 in Levelland;

–Precinct No. 24: Sundown High School, located at 511 E. 7th Street in Sundown;

–Precincts 32, 33, 35 and 36: Courthouse Annex, located at 624 Avenue H in Levelland;

–Precinct 43: Whitharral Lions Club, located at 2nd Street and Highway 385 in Whitharral;

–Precinct 44: Anton City Hall, located at 400 Space Circle in Anton;

–Precinct 45: Capitol Elementary School, located at 401 E. Ellis in Levelland;

–Precinct 46: Smyer Elementary Library, 401 Lincoln in Smyer.

The location for all precincts in the Democratic primary in Hockley County is the Hockley County Tax Office, located at 624 Avenue H in Levelland.

The places to vote in the Republican primary in Hockley County include:

–Precinct 1 (Box 101), Precinct 3 (Box 306), and Preinct 4 (Box 404): in the basement of the Cochran County Courthouse, located at 100 N. Main in Morton;

–Precinct 3 (Box 303): Precinct No. 3 Building, located in Bledsoe;

–Precinct 2 (Box 202): Foyer of the old Whiteface School Gym, located at 315 Arthur Street in Whiteface.

The voting location for all precincts in the Democratic primary in Cochran County will be in the basement of the Cochran County Courthouse, located at 100 N. Main in Morton.

The contested local races on this year’s Republican primary in Hockley County include:

The election for Justice of the Peace for Precinct No. 5 to fill the unexpired term of Brenda Nock, who announced her retirement last year. 

The candidates for that spot include: Paula Moody, Pam Kiser and Derek Lawless.

Six candidates are running for County Commissioner for Precinct No. 3, including Dyrl Bush, David Beseda, Amber Parkinson, Keith Atchison, Seth Graf and Doug Isaacks. The office is currently occupied by J.L. ‘Whitey’ Barnett whose term ends December 31, 2020.

Two candidates are running for County Commissioner for Precinct No. 1. including Alan Wisdom and Curtis Thrash, incumbent.

Toney Cowan is running as Constable for Precinct No. 5 and was appointed to the position in December 2019 after no one else filed to run for the spot.

In Cochran County, there will be one contested race for constable.

Benjamin Bristow filed his candidacy to run for Cochran County Constable as the incumbent and Ricky Davidson, the challenger.

The election for District Attorney for the 286th District Court will be in both Hockley and Cochran counties.

Angela Overman, who was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott last year as district attorney for the 286th District Court, is running for the district attorney position. Nicole Griffin, assistant county attorney and former assistant district attorney, is also running for district attorney.

Also in the Republican primary will be national and state positions.

On the national level, the position for District 19 U.S. Representative is up for election. Jodey C. Arrington is the incumbent candidate. He is facing two challengers, Vance W. Boyd and Kezia E. Tunnell.

Charles Perry, state senator for District 31, and Ken King, state representative for District 88, are also up for re-election but are not facing any contenders in the March primary.

Two candidates are running against President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president, including: Joe Walsh and William F. Weld.

There will be 10 propositions on this year’s March primary ballot.

There are no local election in the Democratic primary, but on the national and state level there are contested races. In order to vote in the Democratic primary, voters will be unable to vote for candidates in the Republican primary, including local offices.

There are 12 candidates running for president in the Democratic primary, including: Michael Bennet, Joseph R. Biden, Michael R. Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, John K. Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.

One candidate is running for the Democratic U.S. Representative for District 19, Tom Watson.

Everyone will need an approved form of ID when going to vote, including: a Texas Driver’s License issued by the Department of Public Safety, a Texas Election Identification Certificate, a Texas Personal Identification Certificate, a Texas Handgun License, a U.S. Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph, a U.S. Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph, or a U.S. Passport.

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