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Recall petition issued for Mayor Pinner

The City of Levelland has issued a recall petition to a Levelland voter who filed an affidavit requesting a petition to drive for the recall of Levelland Mayor Barbra Pinner, Thursday.

Beth Walls, city secretary, said the petitioner has until August 1, 2020 to return the petitions to the city secretary. There will need to be 735 valid signatures presented in order for the petition to be verified. Every signature will require the person signing to provide either their voter registration number or their date of birth.

The city secretary will then go through the list of registered voters, who must be registered as of July 2, the day the petition was issued, and verify the signatures on the petition and determine if each name represents a registered voter in the City of Levelland. The city secretary will then have 20 days from the day the petitions are returned and submitted to complete the verification.

If it is found that there are the required number of signatures, then the city will have to call an election for the voters of Levelland to decide on the final outcome. If there are not enough signatures, the petitioner can present another affidavit and start the process again.

The affidavit that was submitted said, “I, Kimberley A. Young, being a qualified voter and being eligible to vote in elections is submitting this letter calling for a petition to remove Mayor Barbra Pinner from office. The reason I am requesting this removal is because Mrs. Pinner has shared and posted derogatory and disparaging posts on her personal social media account towards Black people. I feel that Mrs. Pinner is not able to continue working and representing the City of Levelland as Mayor because she has offend[ed] many of the constituents that voted for her.”

The affidavit was signed and notarized on July 1.

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