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Chamber of Commerce announces cancellation of 2020 Early Settlers’ Day celebration

The Early Settlers’ Day festival for 2020 has officially been canceled, which was announced Wednesday afternoon by Mary Siders, president of the Levelland Chamber of Commerce.

Siders sent out a press release Wednesday that said the chamber’s Board of Directors officially decided to cancel the event, which had previously been postponed from July to September.

Siders said said the board had lengthy conversations about upcoming events for 2020 and determined it would be in the best interest of the community during this most unique time to cancel Early Settlers Day for this year.  Siders said board members expressed concern in bringing thousands of people together.  Issues included safety of the elderly Early Settlers the event honors, the hundreds of volunteers, vendors coming in from other communities and the overall safety of attendees.

Jim Mara, Chairman of the Board echoed Siders comments on reasons for cancellation.  Mara noted that the community is dealing with many unknowns at this time and as a Board of Directors, “we had to make this tough decision.”

The press release also said that Early Settlers Day is one of the Chamber of Commerce largest fundraisers and the impact will be measurable.  However, Mara said “there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to do what Levelland does best and that is to think progressively and support each other during this COVID time. “

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