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Kenneth W. Williamson

Kenneth W. Williamson

Kenneth W. Williamson, of Arlington, formerly of Levelland, passed away January 5, 2021, in Arlington.

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  1. Carolyn Williamson on February 17, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    2/14/21 – Goodbye my precious husband from this earth and hello Heavens gate for your eternity. There I know you will have that perfect body completely healed and whole….there I know you have your opportunity to look upon the face of Jesus and to be with your parents, your sisters and brothers, all your relatives that have gone on before you, my Mom and Dad, Murray, Jim and Katibeth plus all the great Christian friends that you so enjoyed. Please know it wont be long before we join you there and I can hardly wait….xoxoxo, your sweetie Bear…

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