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Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Steve Ray passed away on February 17, 2021.

Steve and Ann lived a life that most people dream about. They retired early, sold what little they had and traveled the country in a fifth wheel to every state in the country except for Hawaii.

Their fellow nomads became their community. After years and years of travel, they settled their fifth wheel in their favorite spot, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Early every morning, Steve would walk his favorite forest trail with friends, start and finish zillions of “honey do’s” for Ann and rendezvous at the casino to play poker with his poker buddies.

Even after Parkinson’s threatened his walks and daily activities, he persevered.

He lost Ann two years to the day he died.

Steve was born in Jericho, Arizona, June 28, 1941.

He went to high school in Levelland and he attended Texas Tech graduating with a business degree.
Steve was as sharp as a tack and knew a little about a lot of things. He always had something wise to impart to those around him. Family was important to Steve.

He is survived by two sons; a step-son; grandchildren; great- grandchildren, and nephews.

Steve never knew a stranger and all who knew him will miss him dearly.

Steve always said: “There is no such thing as strangers, but only friends that we have not met.”

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