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Scott Morren, SPC alumnus and Anton resident, re-appointed to state board

Scott Morren

Scott Morren, of Anton, has been chosen by Governor Greg Abbott to continue to represent West Texas on the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology.

Morren recently completed his first six-year term on the board, and was excited to be able to continue to serve.

“Anything you can do to aid your profession is needed and more people need to have that mindset, to work toward bettering your profession,” Morren said.

The board regulates the practice of radiologic technolgy in the state, deals with licensure issues and also deals with anyone who could possibly violate the law in the profession of radiologic technology.

Morren currently serves as the lead MRI technologist at Covenant’s Women’s and Children’s hospital in Lubbock and has been with the hospital for 36 years.

Morren is also a graduate of South Plains College, where he remains involved on the advisory board for the Radiologic Technology Department.

“South Plains College was the beginning of my career and the upbringing in my profession,” Morren said. “Without SPC, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”
Morren said he continues to stay involved at SPC because he believes in what the college offers students and how it prepares them to enter the field of radiologic technology.

“SPC has a great program,” Morren said.

Morren said the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology is relatively new, and previously the profession was governed under the Department of State Health Services.

Morren said the establishment of the medical board has allowed the organization to make a difference in the way professionals in the field provide services to their communities.

“We’ve really made a difference in the way the profession is operated in Texas,” Morren said. “We strengthen the rules and educational standards.

Morren said working at Covenant Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been a joy, thus he has remained for more than three decades.

“The highlight of my profession has been working with kids,” Morren said. “It seems like kids and their families are more appreciative of what you do, they really appreciate it and know you’re trying to help them.”

Morren is also happy to be able to represent rural West Texas on a board that governs his profession throughout the state.

“Sometimes it seems this part of the state is left out of things like that, so the more representation we can get from this area is great,” Morren said.

Morren is a strong believer in community involvement, which is evident through the many boards and organizations with which he participates.

He is a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists and South Plains Society of Radiological Technologists.

Morren is also a member of the American Board of Magentic Resonance Safety, and served three terms as president of the Society of Radiologic Technologists.

He is also about to begin his first term as an Anton ISD school board trustee.

“Being involved in the community is something I think everyone needs to do,” Morren said. “Without getting input from a community, you can not make a difference.”

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