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City council splits vote recommending plan for redistricting project

The Levelland City Council voted to approve a resolution recommending a plan for redistricting to the public at Monday’s city council meeting.

The vote was 3-2 with Mayor Barbra Pinner breaking the tie in favor of the motion by Michael Stueart, council member for District D, to recommend a new plan that was brought before the city council Monday night.

The council met previously and saw three plans for redistricting. Jim Myatt, council member for District A, expressed favor for Plan B, which added all of the Country Club, including Country Club Lane, Tanglewood Lane, Willow Wood Lane, and Parkwood Lane, to District A and out of District D.

At that time, Matt Wade, city attorney, said he would go back to the demographer to come up with a new plan. Two new plans were brought before city council Monday, Plan D and Plan E, both of which left Country Club Lane, Tanglewood and Willow Wood up to Brentwood in District D, while allotting the other Country Club streets to District A.

After some discussion, Michael Stueart, city council member for District D, made the motion to recommend the new proposed plan, Plan D, which was seconded by Breann Buxkemper, councilmember for District C.

Jim Myatt, councilmember for District A, and Mary Engledow, councilmember for District B, voted against the motion, and Mayor Barbra Pinner broke the tie in favor of the motion. The motion passed 3-2. The city council will hold a public hearing on the recommended plan at the next city council meeting.

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