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City will host second town hall regarding zoning review

The City of Levelland will host a townhall meeting to gather input from citizens regarding a comprehensive zoning review on Tuesday, February 8, at 6 p.m. at the civic center in the Levelland City Park, located a 1901 McKinley Street.

The topics up for discussion are those that were previously addressed in the first town hall, held in October last year, which include:

–Review accessory building and carport setbacks;
–Review and discuss food trucks/mobile businesses; and
–Discuss and review the parking of a temporary storage container, boats, RVs, etc., in residential neighborhoods.

Joe Shedd, chief building inspector said one of the suggestions from citizens who attended the first town hall was to gather a larger group of citizens. To accommodate more people, the city has moved the town hall from city hall to the civic center and is asking residents to share information about the town hall with friends, family and neighbors.

“We would really like a good crowd with representation from all areas of the city,” Shedd said.

In the past year, the city has convened a comprehensive zoning review task force, made up of local citizens, planning and zoning commission members, along with city staff.

“The task force recognized that the current zoning codes have been in place since 1981 and it’s time to review and possibly revise some of those codes,” Shedd said. “These town hall meetings create an opportunity for the public to be involved in that conversation.”

For more information, contact Joe Shedd by calling (806) 568-5442.

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  1. Elmer L. Wilson on January 29, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    As relates to Zoning Codes and practices within the City Boundaries of Levelland, it is absolutely time that the City of Levelland upgrade those “Codes and practices” in incorporating a minimum requirement/s for Landscaping and Greenway requirements on the part of Developers/Owners in Commercial and Industrial Properties throughout the City. Frankly, the City of Levelland remains one of the very few Cities of comparable size within this Region of the State of Texas which have not done so.
    In my opinion, the City of Levelland is very weak from a standpoint of visual esthetics, and must do more in upgrading those factors which can also assist with the desire of others who will consider as their future home, Levelland and Hockley County.
    It is time for Levellanders to “do” their part/s in this concern.

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