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Holly Elaine Humphreys

Holly Elaine Humphreys

A memorial service for Holly Elaine Humphreys, 47, of Levelland, was held Saturday, February 5, in the Krestridge Funeral Home Chapel.
She passed away February 2, 2022.
Arrangements are under the direction of Krestridge Funeral Home of Levelland.

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  1. Kind words for the ones that read. on May 4, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    Holly, wonderful wonderful woman biggest inspiration of my life it’s sad to have this beautiful soul gone but her spirit will for ever live in my mind and the ones who had a chance to be around this woman, we started out as colleagues and moved into a friendship then a little further, I had the chance to meet the ones she loves more then everything her children, one a amazing guitarist and a comical older brother she loved them so much , she told me words I still cherish, she built me up so much she was the partner I wish I had with me right now , this powerful smart beautiful woman remains so strong in my mind, I want my own daughter to be just like her – the intelligence she obtained by reading books every night before bed and outside in the sunshine – the time I introduced her to one of my peers who was smarter then me and they just went back and forward on a range of topics I had absolutely no clue about – I smile on the good memories and frown on the mistakes I made, Toran, Stellar, she was a really good person and great partner to me you two deserve to know you were her everything not me, I was at a low point during that time and not a lot of things were going the way I expected or wanted and that’s life, your mother built me up to who I am today and I’m forever great full she always told me I’m smart she always believed in me no one else showed those kind words in my direction she was amazing I’m sad to never be able to tell her how sorry I am for the things I have done and not able to show her who I am today, love always.

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