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Levelland City Council selects city manager finalist

The Levelland City Council took action to move forward with an offer of conditional employment and to begin negotiations with Brandon Anderson as the new Levelland City Manager following executive session Monday.

Breann Buxkemper, city council member for District C, made the motion to conditionally select Brandon Anderson as the final candidate for the position of Levelland City Manager Monday following a two-hour executive session.

Mary Engledow, city council member for District B, seconded the motion and Michael Stueart, city council member for District D, voted in favor of the motion. Jim Myatt, city council member for District A, voted against the motion. It passed 3-1.

The council chose Anderson over the second finalist for the position, Melissa Fields-Allgeyer, who currently serves as the human resources director and risk/compliance manager for the City of Levelland.

Anderson currently serves as the city manager for Graham and has served in that position since June 2015.

Prior to serving the City of Graham, Anderson was the city administrator for the City of Haskell from February 2006 to June 2015. Anderson served as a loan officer at a bank in Seymour for a year and prior to that, worked for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service as a county agent from January 1996 to December 2004. He worked for Texas AgriLife in Wilbarger, Stonewall and Haskell counties.

Anderson holds a bachelor of animal science and industry from Kansas State University. He is a certified public funds investment officer and is a member of the Texas City Management Association. He serves as the Region 3 President of the TCMA Board. He is a board member and past president of the Texas Midwest Community Network, which promotes a regional approach to ensure community and economic growth.

Former Levelland City Manager Erik Rejino announced he would be leaving in September 2021 and the search for a new city manager began. The search began with 14 applicants and was narrowed down to two finalists. The search was managed by the executive recruitment firm Strategic Government Resources.

Barbra Pinner, Levelland Mayor, said after a long process, she and the city council were pleased with their selection Monday.

“It was a long process, starting back in October, going through two sets of applicants but narrowing it down,” Pinner said. “Yesterday was long and I know very arduous for the candidates. In the end there was a lot of discussion in executive session but I think we picked the right person for Levelland.”

Pinner said she and the council are excited for Anderson to join the City of Levelland and begin working with staff.

“I’m very excited to have Brandon Anderson join our team here in Levelland,” Pinner said. “I think with his experience, he will bring a new perspective and some new insight, which is what we felt we needed, and some new ideas.”

Pinner said Anderson had the opportunity to meet with department heads Tuesday and get familiar with ongoing projects.

“He was able to meet with all the department heads and get all on the same page,” Pinner said. “He plans on coming back on and off until he can be here full-time.”

Pinner said the tentative time frame for Anderson to join the City of Levelland full-time is mid-June.

“We are excited to have him and move on with this and put that process behind us and move forward,” Pinner said.

Anderson said he is looking forward to working with the City of Levelland and making the move official.

“I am excited and I am offered to have been offered this opportunity,” Anderson said. “We are finalizing some of the details and hope to be making that official very soon.

“I am excited to be a part of a very talented team and work for a thriving city,” Anderson said.

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